SBL Junior Basketball Camps

SBL Junior Basketball Camp is the ideal way for boys and girls to get involved in basketball and build their fundamental skills. Whether they love basketball or have never played basketball before, our camps provide opportunities for boys and girls of all ages and abilities to learn, have fun and play basketball. Camps focus on teaching the fundamentals of the game in a fun and safe environment. Come with your friends, make new friends, and enjoy your basketball experience.

      One or two day Junior Program for 5- to 12-year-olds from 9.00am to 3.00pm.

      Structured coaching from experienced coaches, who will foster a genuine coaching environment.

      Participants grouped according to experience levels. Age specific and structured coaching programs.

      Programs includes coaching sessions to cover all basketball skills including passing, ball handling, dribbling, rebounds, shooting, attack and defence drills, fitness for basketball and games.


$88 for one day, $170 for two days and a sibling discount $160 for one day and $300 for two days.


19th, 20th April 2022


Blacktown Leisure Centre Stanhope, 4 Sentry Drive, Stanhope Gardens

Contact Information

All enquiries should be directed to 0414 866 647, 0481 147 773 or

Sign in/out

Children must be signed in and out from the camp venue by an authorized parent or guardian daily.

Sign in and out sheets will be provided at the site of the camp for parent/guardians to sign.

• Drop off times: Between 8:45am – 9am

• Pick up times: Between 3:00 – 3:30pm

What to Bring?

• Water Bottle (clearly labelled)

• Lunch - children must be provided with their own recess and lunch. The cafes are off limits during camp hours.

• Hat (clearly labelled)

• Sunscreen lotion

• Spare clothing & shoes in case of wet weather or accidents.

• Any required medication and medication plan (e.g., Asthma Action Plan)

• Flat Shoes for use inside.

What Not to Bring?

• Valuables

• Devices – camps are “device free”. If a child needs to make a phone call, they can do so at the coaches table. If you want to contact your child, please call 0414 866 647, 0481 147 773

• Food containing Nuts – our camps are “Nut Free” for the safety of all children Medical Conditions / Additional Support. If your child has been diagnosed by a doctor as having a medical condition (i.e., asthma, anaphylaxis, epilepsy etc.) or requires additional support from us, it is essential that SBL are informed. Any child who has been diagnosed with asthma or anaphylaxis MUST provide an INDIVIDUAL HEALTH MANAGEMENT PLAN completed by a medical practitioner and given to the camp director by 9am the first morning of camp. All medication must be declared and signed in and out by an authorised adult each day. Medication should be in its original packaging and clearly labelled with the student’s name, correct dosage, and frequency. Any parent/guardian leaving medication for use by their child over the camp period must complete a Medical Authorisation Form and present this with medication at the camp registration desk.

Any child registered with learning difficulties MUST provide SBL with information relating to those learning difficulties relevant to the successful inclusion of their child into the School Holiday Program.

Infectious Diseases/ Illness

If your child falls ill whilst attending a School Holiday Sport Camp, you will be notified as soon as possible by a member of staff. We ask that any child who is not well enough to participate in normal daily activities or presents with symptoms of illness, should be kept at home.

Morning/Afternoon Tea & Lunch

Children will need to be provided with a healthy lunch each day, as well as snacks to keep them going throughout the active day. As we are promoting healthy eating practices, the cafes are off limits to children during the day. If you would like to purchase food for your child, you may do so prior to signing in and after the camp period when they are in your care.

Please be reminded that we are a nut - free environment. Strictly, no nuts are to be provided in lunches and snacks.

Clothing & Equipment

Children will need to wear suitable sporting attire and appropriate footwear. Please ensure your child has a bag to carry items around in and that all clothing and equipment is clearly labelled. Children with long hair need to have it always tied back and all jewellery must be removed. In wet weather, please provide wet weather attire (rain jacket, waterproof track pants etc.), spare trainers (indoor appropriate, NO studs) and an extra change of clothes.

Lost Property

Lost property will be stored and in a clearly marked area and is the child's responsibility to collect. At the conclusion of camp any remaining lost property will be stored at the office. If it’s not collected two weeks after the conclusion of camp it will be donated to charity.

Behaviour Policy

SBL has a behaviour policy which we promote during the week at camp to ensure all children are happy, make new friends and feel secure in a positive and enjoyable environment. Staff will encourage good behaviour and discourage any forms of bullying and/or intimidation during the week. Parents will be contacted in any instance of bullying.