The Sydney Basketball League follows all FIBA approved rules except for a few exceptions and SBL specific rules listed below:

Half Time

Teams will be given a 1 minute half-time each game.

Late Starts

If a team is running late then every minute after 3 minutes from when the game was supposed to start will cost the team 2 points. If a team is more than 15 minutes late they will forfeit. A team cannot start without 4 or more players.


If the score is even at the conclusion of the game a 1 minute break will occur. The overtime period consists of 3 minutes (2 minutes running clock with the last minute fully timed). Your team’s time-outs roll-on from the second half of the game and no extra time-outs are given. Your team’s fouls do NOT reset at the beginning of overtime and stay as they were in the second half of the game. In semi and grand final matches the 3 minutes is fully timed. If a winner has not been made after the first overtime then consecutive 1 minute overtimes will be played until a winner is made.


Teams are allowed one time-out per half.

15 minute fully-timed clock

In the SBL the clock stops for violations, free-throws and time-outs. The clock does NOT stop between a score and the ball being inbounded until the last minute of the game. If the score is not within 11 points the clock will run during the last minute of the game.

20 point mercy rule

If a team is losing by 20 or more points the clock will become a running clock for the remainder of the game.

Jump balls

A jump ball will be played at the start of the game and at the start of half-time. When two players are called for a jump ball the nearest circle will be used with the two players involved in the call proceeding with the Jump ball.

Uniform rules

Uniforms are a very important factor for not only the players, referees and bench but also for building the reputation and look of SBL.

  • All teams must wear matching colour and pattern singlets with matching colour numbers. No players can have the same two numbers and only ONE player on a team can use the number 0. (this includes people with no number)
  • Numbers must be easily visible. This usually means that drawn on numbers and crest numbers are not accepted.
  • Players can still wear shorts of their choice; however they must not be dangerous or offensive. This means no loose pockets and nothing can be dangling from them.
  • After WEEK 3 (week 4 and on) any player(s) not playing in the correct uniform will cause their team to be penalised 5 points at the start of the game or on arrival.
  • New players to your team are allowed to wear a matching colour shirt or singlet as close to your teams as possible for the first two weeks they play in the competition. After this time your team will be penalised for the uniform. This only applies to NEW players. If you are a player that is a regular in the competition this does not apply to you.
  • If you are buying new singlets for your team and the competition and do not want a logo, name or pattern on your teams singlets I would ask if you could please buy reversible singlets so teams always have different colours.
  • If a team does not make an effort to have a uniform over the course of a season the team may forfeit their position in the competition to new teams wanting to join.


Forfeits in SBL are unacceptable. A forfeit is defined by if you do not have 4 or more players to participate from the start of the game. By forfeiting a game, teams are deducted -3 competition points and subjected to a forfeit fee of $150 which is payable ahead of your next game. This money goes towards covering court costs and staff that have remained onsite.

If a team is forfeiting multiple times in a single season they may be subject to being removed. Teams are required to give a minimum of 48 hours’ notice to avoid any of the penalties listed.

Sydney Basketball League has the right to cancel or suspend any profile with written information and right of reply.


At the end of the regular season the top 4 teams will play in the finals (1v4, 2v3)

  • Finals are made up of the final four from competition points total.
  • If two teams finish on equal points then head to head will be used to determine the rank.
  • In the event of uneven games played head to head between tying teams on the ladder the result will be based on season For and Against which is a plus minus ratio from point scored minus points scored on = +/-

All players must be registered and must be regular players (played at least 33% of the seasons games) to participate in the finals. (This can be flexible if players have been part of the team for some time previous to the current season and will not make an unfair impact on the game).